Carroll Shelby Trailers are not your everyday, run-of-the-mill trailer, they are meticulously hand-crafted works of art designed to transport your Shelby automobile.  Each Carroll Shelby Trailer is built on an all-aluminum, all-tube frame.  Our all-aluminum frame translates into a lighter, easier towing trailer that will also deliver better fuel economy than a typical steel frame trailer.  In addition, aluminum will not rust; your Carroll Shelby Trailer will maintain its new appearance for years and years!

On the surface you will see that we have put a lot of thought into building your Carroll Shelby Trailers.  We have taken great effort in removing as many exterior fasteners as possible so that your trailer has a smooth and clean appearance.  We utilize 3M VHB adhesive tapes which enable us to build the trailer with not only a screwless exterior skin but also screwless upper and lower trim rails. 

What stands out most on every Carroll Shelby Trailer is the unmatched quality, fit and finish.  While it might not seem like much in conversation, when you walk around the trailer you see the extreme attention to detail…perfectly mitered joints, impeccable caulk lines, everywhere you look the trailer never ceases to impress.

Each Carroll Shelby Trailer is custom-built to the exact specifications of the owner, so your only limitation is your imagination.  You will work directly with our facility during the design and order process; there are no middle men or mistakes made in communicating your desires or expectations.  We will work hard to deliver not only the finest trailer you could ever imagine but a buying experience like none you have ever experienced before!



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