Some things come in very limited editions…Shelby Trailers go a step beyond limited!  There are only six Shelby Trailers available each year.  Nothing could be more special than owning one of the six, first year trailers that celebrate 50 years of the Shelby heritage.  Shelby Trailers can be configured as a tag trailer, gooseneck trailer or even a stacker trailer to transport multiple automobiles. 

Each and every Shelby Trailer is custom-built to your exact specifications.  We work with you to create a trailer that is as unique as your personality.  During the design process we will provide you with a set of CAD prints and even a PDF of a 3D interactive model that allows you to see the inside of your virtual trailer.  You will be able to see what your trailer looks like before we weld the first aluminum tube and make changes as you see necessary.          

Remember, there are only six available, so reserve your Carroll Shelby Trailer today and own a piece of history, before they’re all gone!


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